VoIP phone systems or IP phones are phones that are used to transmit phone calls over the Internet. These phone systems offer a number of advantages to businesses over traditional landline phones. DCS Telecom Ltd offers a number of VoIP phone systems and services to help businesses get the most from their VoIP service. The right system will provide the flexibility needed including integration of email programs, options to use e-fax to send important documents securely across the Internet, and remote conferencing. Another big advantage is that the user can take their adapters with them and talk over their internet connection when they are working away from the office.


VoIP phone systems are usually more affordable for businesses that make a high volume of long distance and/or international phone calls than using cell phones. Employees have more options for performing more tasks without being interrupted. The resulting increase in productivity and savings on phone bills contribute to a better bottom line. The quality Samsung systems from DCS Telecom Ltd have enhanced voice technology that is greatly improved on over that of early versions of VoIP phone systems. Users never have to worry about distorted calls or lagging or dropped calls that can result in a loss of valuable information.


VoIP phone systems are easy to install, set-up, and use by all of your employees. DCS Telecom Ltd provides the installation and training services to help make your transition a fluid one from start to finish. Today’s sophisticated phone systems no longer require separate cabling, making the installation process easier, neater, and safer without the clutter of wires. These phone systems are also highly scalable, so new components can be implemented as needed to meet the growing needs of your company.


VoIP phone systems offer convenient solutions to businesses that require portability. Employees that work outside the office or who travel outside the state or country frequently can simply take their VoIP telephone along. They just plug into any broadband connection, log into their telephone, and the phone is ready to use. Contacting the home office using VoIP is a more affordable way to keep in touch than with other types of phone systems. Help keep your employees connected at all times and hold team meetings, make time-critical decisions, and complete projects without the time investment required if you have to work around every team member’s schedule.


VoIP phone systems are at the core of how many businesses operate today. More companies in all industries are reaching out on a global score and taking on more competition than ever imagined. Having a dependable communication system that keeps employees close no matter where they are makes it easier to keep businesses updated and on-schedule when things change at a moment’s notice. DCS Telecom Ltd has VoIP phone solutions that will help keep you competitive and give you the edge over your competition. Get the advantages you need to stay ahead of the curve and help your business grow as far into the world as you want it to go.