A WiFi Solution To Meet Your Needs

We live in a world where there is a demand for constant connectivity. Whether you are a small business serving a local community, a school where students need easy access to online information, or a large corporation where thousands of people come and go every day, DCS Telecom will provide you with the perfect WLAN solution.

Partnering with Ubiquity, we will install a customized state-of-the-art system with the following benefits:

✓  Your employees, students and clients can easily connect, and stay connected, to your network

✓  Users can enter and leave the network quickly and easily, maximizing the storage and battery usage of their devices

✓  A user-friendly system frees up your IT manager’s time, which would otherwise be spent managing settings and users

✓  Ubiquity WLAN systems are specifically designed to cope with the rigours of high-density environments, like indoor and outdoor sporting venues, schools, libraries and corporate headquarters

✓  Fewer WiFi “dead zones” means that employees are more productive and can collaborate more efficiently

✓  A robust infrastructure with minimal downtime translates into cost savings for your business

A Solution That Manages Usage So You Don’t Have To

The Ubiquity WLAN solution is designed to intelligently monitor and adapt to network conditions, and self-optimize accordingly. Features of the system include the following:

✓  Intelligent Beam Selectable Antennas: provide stronger connections for users with fewer interruptions, fewer “dead zones”, and higher performance and capacity

✓  Self-organizing Network: automatically optimizes network usage depending on the current number of users, bandwidth demand, and other factors

✓  Wireless Intrusion Prevention System: protects your network and its users from hackers and viruses

✓  AirMove: enables user devices to make seamless transitions between WiFi and cellular connections, resulting in uninterrupted service during voice and video calls, and for data uploads and downloads

✓  AirEqualizer: ensures that all users in crowded locations are allocated a fair percentage of the available bandwidth

✓  Voice Aware Traffic Scheduling: allows up to 50% more concurrent voice calls than competitors, assuring clear audio and video reception for all of them

✓  Traffic Schedule technology: allows seamless service in venues where multiple users are simultaneously accessing the network

✓  Dedicated Security RF monitoring: monitors your data service in real-time for early detection of security breaches and other issues

✓  Remote management capabilities: allows you to manage your network from anywhere, with an easy-to-use Smartphone interface designed to minimize response time

✓  Easy configuration: allows your WLAN solution to grow with your company and adapt to the changing needs of your business