PBX phone systems are private telephone networks that are used within a company. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phones are meant to make communications easier within small to mid-sized business. Instead, they sometimes include too many features that aren’t necessary and just get in the way. DCS Telecom Ltd works with clients to determine what they really need and the features that they don’t to optimize their communications needs. Their services will help you optimize the efficiency of your operations while keeping down your costs. The end goal is to get the best possible phone service for your needs without paying for things you don’t want or need.


PBX phone systems by Samsung offer the ultimate in cost-effective efficiency to meet the needs of different kinds of offices. You choose whether your system is configured for digital phones, VoIP, or a combination of both. There are many ways that one business stands out from the next and no other is more vital than their method of communication. Even if you want a system that allows room for growth, your best option isn’t to go with the top of the line product with the intention of growing into the features it offers. Instead, DCS Telecom Ltd will work with you to find the system that gives you what you need now, the room you need to grow, and nothing that will add to your bottom line that you will never need.


PBX phone systems have are often overlooked by businesses today that give more priority to smartphones and tablets. Many incorporate apps or custom software as a means of keeping the lines of communication open between the home office and employees working in the field. Although there is a lot of value in using these devices, they should always be considered secondary to a good phone system that will provide consistent, clear communication between every person and business that has a vital role to your operation. Using a PBX phone system that combines a land line, mobile, and VoIP service will cover all of your bases. A Samsung PBX system that is installed by DCS Telecom Ltd guarantees that you will have the best possible service with every way you use it.


PBX phone systems are not all designed with the same intentions in mind. A number of factors will determine which PBX system is right for you. For instance, the number of calls coming in and going out of your business daily and how you expect that to change will determine the style of phone you need. You may simply be looking to update your current system with new, innovative features. Maybe you are expanding your business to other offices or to a new branch. These are just some of the factors that will determine the best solutions for you.


PBX phone systems are an area of specialty at DCS Telecom Ltd. They have more than 18 years partnering with Samsung to bring small- and mid- sized businesses the quality PBX and VoIP phone systems that will optimize their communications with the least effort.