Samsung Solutions For Hospitality

The hospitality industry is fiercely competitive. Many hotels offer similar facilities and amenities at competitive prices.

Solutions For Hospitality

What frequently makes one stand out over all the rest is the availability and use of technology. DCS Telcom can offer your business a custom solution that will make your hotel easier to manage and create a pleasing experience for your guests.

The products and services that we can provide to hospitality business include the following:

✓  Our hospitality TVs can provide a multitude of viewing options to hundreds of guest rooms and common areas. The TVs are compatible with Samsung’s guest room content management solution.

✓  In this day and age, few people elect to stay in a hotel that does not provide WiFi. We will provide you with a solution that is designed to accommodate a large number of mobile devices on a single network. Our WLAN systems offer speed, reliability and security.

✓  Our print solutions will allow you to quickly and easily print guest invoices and information.

✓  Reservations have never been easier – our unified communication systems will easily allow your staff to manage guest bookings on one user-friendly interface.

✓  Your guests will be given a great first impression with our digital signage and display boards. You can use these to promote hotel deals or provide guests with information.

✓  Our reliable telephone systems come with ergonomically designed handsets for the comfort and convenience of guests and staff, and they allow guests to communicate easily with hospitality staff.

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