Samsung’s Full Set Of Collaborative CTI Applications

From OfficeServ Communicator, OfficeServ Operator to OfficeServ Call and Office EasySet, Samsung’s full set of collaborative CTI applications provide an easier way to manage and control your communications.

CTI Applications

Powerful integration tools for the modern workforce

With the right CTI (computer telephony integration) applications, your business can be streamlined and efficient, helping both your employees and your customers. The benefits of investing in a high quality unified communication system are immense, and include the following:

✓   All of the functionality for a call is on one device. Instead of having to toggle between a desktop computer and a phone, employees can control all aspects of the call, such as forwarding and conference calling, from their computer.

✓   Employees have all of the relevant information at their fingertips before they answer a call. For internal calls, this would include the caller’s name, department and position in the company. In the case of customer service calls, employees would know the caller’s name, account number and any notes that are on the account.

✓   CTI allows for more efficient call routing and faster collaboration among employees.

✓   Customer service performance can be tracked and monitored more easily by managers, and opportunities for promotion or training identified.

Other Products

Features that combine reliability, convenience and cost savings

In partnership with Samsung, DCS Telecom will assess your business needs and provide you with a custom CTI solution that will maximize your business potential. The products we offer have a variety of features, including the following:

✓  Setup and configuration is done through a user-friendly interface that saves time and money

✓  The OfficeServ Communicator system is highly flexible and ideal for a mobile workforce, combining ease of use with better call control from mobile devices

✓  OfficeServ Operator integrates with your existing telephone infrastructure to provide the perfect solution for front-line staff dealing with high call volumes

✓  OfficeServ Link is a tool linking Samsung telephone systems to a Windows computer, while OfficeServ EasySet provides a user friendly way to configure the options on a digital telephone

✓  OfficeServ Softphone allows employees to use their mobile devices to access the full functionality of their business phones while they are away from the office

✓  OfficeServ Call is an effective tool used for call management functions, including call logging, scheduling and digital telephone programming.

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