The Most Advanced Wireless Office Earbuds

Evolve the way your work with noise cancellation and great sound for your office.


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Quality headsets to maximise communication

While customer service is all about the people, the communications equipment is also important. The quality of the headsets used by your front-line telephone staff can make or break the quality of your company’s interactions with your customers. A poor headset can result in dropped connections, inconsistent call quality or volume, and unsuccessful call transfers.

At the same time, the most successful businesses are the ones in which employees are able to communicate effectively with one another. High quality headsets can help you ensure that your team is connected, whether they are working onsite or remotely. With the right tools, it is easier than ever before to have virtual team meetings and collaborate with people from all over the world. With more effective localized and global communication, your business will be in a position to make faster decisions and complete projects in less time.

DCS Telecom will provide you with a customized solution for your handsets. With the right tools in place for your communications, your employees will be able to focus on their jobs without any added stress. This result in higher job satisfaction, happy customers and an increased profit for your business.

Other Products

Technology that supports your company’s goals

The products we offer work out of the box, without any expensive downtime. Setup is quick and easy, and connectivity options can easily be changed as the needs of your company evolve. Some of the features that come with the headsets in our repertoire include the following:

✓  Superior sound quality and built-in noise cancellation

✓  Reliable wired and wireless connections

✓  Online tools and portals to ensure that you are getting the most out of your headsets

✓  Standard 3.5mm jacks that enable you to use your headset with any device

✓  Hassle-free call transfer features that allow you to switch to a different device during the call

✓  Wireless range up to one hundred metres, allowing you to move freely about your office during a call

✓  Conference call capabilities that ensure that everyone can hear and be heard, no matter how many participants there are or how they are dispersed geographically

✓  Ergonomic designs that ensure safety and comfort for your employees

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