Ubigate Switches For Midsize & Small Business 

Our ubigate switchess for small to mid-sized businesses are tailored to maximize your resources.

Ubigate Ethernet Switches

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Ethernet Switches For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

Network connectivity is a must-have for businesses in today’s world. Whether you are a small business that runs out of a single room, or a mid-sized enterprise spread out over multiple offices, DCS Telecom can provide you with the solution for Ethernet switches that is right for you. The Ubigate iES4000 series offers a number of benefits to business owners, including the following:

✓  The systems are among the most cost-effective on the market, making them an ideal choice for small business owners

✓  With their easy configuration and simplified management tools, the Ubigate switches will reduce your operational costs

✓  Offices that are reliant on consistent connections can benefit from the high stability offered by these Ethernet switches

✓  Customers with the iES4000 system report seeing a high performance to price ratio

✓  Your employees will be in a better position not only to collaborate with each other, but to provide top quality service to your customers

✓  The systems come with robust security measures built in

✓  The system will be set up just the way you need it, and it is designed to be able to grow with your business without any inconvenient and expensive downtime

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Features and Tool to Maximize Productivity

At DCS Telecom, we understand that your priority is to ensure that your business can perform its primary function. You would rather spend your time ensuring that you are providing your customers with the goods or services they have come to your for. The Ubigate Ethernet switches are designed to minimize network management time and maximize productivity. Let us help you make your life easier so that you can focus on what your business is there to do. The features of the iES4000 series include the following:

✓  Up to four gigabit uplink ports are available in a 1 rack unit chassis

✓  The system is easily scalable: up to 36 of the Ubigate units can be managed in a logical group through a single IP address

✓  The system provides high Power over Ethernet, making it ideal for high quality audio and video calls

✓  The system supports dynamic VLAN, providing the best quality of service for IP telephony

✓  The iES4000 series is designed to reduce latency by prioritizing voice and video packets

✓  Multicast traffic is only sent to ports with registered multicast group members, thus saving on bandwidth

✓  Multiple Ethernet ports can be bundles to provide a bigger bandwidth pipe

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