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NEC, Yealink or Polycom  executive telephone set or conference room to a full duplex speakerphone.

VOIP Phone Systems & Digital Telephone Systems for Business

A new era in business communications

Over the last two decades, the evolution of technology has dramatically changed the way companies do business. Businesses are competing on a global scale more than ever before, and the quality of communication is often what puts companies in a higher league then their competitors. DCS Telecom will help your business stay ahead of the curve with top quality VoIP phones that allow you to expand your reach to local, national and global audiences. Some advantages of VoIP phones include the following:

✓   Your employees can be connected at all times, even when they are telecommuting or traveling for business. This makes it easier to hold team meetings, make time-critical decisions and complete projects in less time.

✓   Your front-line staff can provide better customer service over the telephone. A good VoIP phone will ensure a clear quality of connection, fewer dropped calls and faster solutions to customers’ problems.

✓   Your phone system is flexible and scalable. As your business grows, you can add features and capacity to your system without excessive expense or downtime. At the same time, the system can be used across multiple devices.

✓   Your VoIP phone system can be installed quickly, and the options and features can be configured easily with a user-friendly interface. This will free up employee time and save your company money.

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An integrated communications solution

DCS Telecom partners with Samsung to provide the best VoIP solutions available for small and mid-sized businesses. The systems we provide are compatible with a host of other Samsung products, including the OfficeServ 7000 series and Samsung Communication Manager systems. Our VoIP phone systems have many convenient and cost-saving features, including the following:

✓   Systems come with user friendly options such as video calling and phone book capabilities

✓   Through the use of mobile apps, smartphones can be turned into fully functioning IP phones, allowing conversations to continue seamlessly as employees move in and out of their offices

✓   Calls can easily be transferred from one device to another without interruption, providing employees with greater flexibility

✓   Crystal clear audio quality allows for more efficient calls and better collaboration

✓   Bluetooth pairing with smartphones and headsets is quick and reliable

✓   Speakerphone capabilities allow for ease of conference calling and collaborative problem solving

✓   Some models come with video capabilities, enabling employees to host and attend virtual presentations from anywhere that has a WiFi connection