Structured Cabling Solutions For Your Business

DCS offers Structured Data Network Cabling services needed to build and manage stable, reliable, secure, and fast communications network for your business.

Structured Cabling

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Quality cabling for a reliable network

The most well-designed, highly functional building would be useless if there were no roads that led to it. In the same way, there is no point spending money on state-of-the-art networking and telephonic equipment if the cabling is not in place to support it. A good structured cabling solution is ultimately what enables the flow of data and communications not only between employees, but between your business and its customers.

No matter what phone systems, computers and Ethernet switches you have in place, your network is only as strong as your cabling system. DCS Telecom will provide you with a customized solution that is right for your business. We will help you ensure that your hardware is properly supported, and that your employees maintain an uninterrupted connection with each other and with the outside world.

An effective cabling system can translate into many benefits for your business, including the following:

✓  Reliable telephonic communication will lead to a better customer service experience

✓  Fast network traffic will promote efficiency and effectiveness within your workforce

✓  Fewer configuration and maintenance headaches will free up your IT manager’s time for other things

✓  A well-organized office where cables and equipment are properly stored, and where problems with the cabling can be easily identified and fixed

Other Products

Structured cabling solutions for all businesses

Your business’s cabling needs are as unique as the business itself. We will not try to sell you cookie-cutter structured cabling solution. We will work with you to analyze your needs and install a system that is just right for you. Our services include the following:

✓  Computer network cabling that is reliable and durable while being cost-effective

✓  Affordable Ethernet cabling that will ensure constant flow of information through your network

✓  Design, installation and maintenance of fibre optic cabling that will ensure that your network connectivity is fast and reliable

✓  Structured telephone cabling for business with up to 100 lines

✓  Rescaling of existing systems to accommodate growing businesses

✓  Onsite cabling audits so you can have a clear picture of what parts of your system need improvement

✓  Safe, environmentally friendly removal of redundant cabling

✓  Organization of network rooms to ensure safety and efficiency

✓  Cable trays, equipment racks and cabinets to house cables and equipment

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